Traffic Tickets

We Go To Court So You Don’t Have To

Don’t miss days at work

Let us handle your traffic tickets for you
Doesn’t matter if we have to go to court for you just once or 100 times

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Brocato & Byrne, LLP has successfully represented hundreds of clients and
has been able to 
save them thousands on insurance premiums by reducing and
even in some cases having charges dismissed entirely

All moving violations

Everyday in Suffolk County NY, the police are looking to punish drivers 

Traffic violations often have disastrous effects on

insurance premiums, driving privileges, employment, and school.

The effects don’t always have to be a disaster.

You can turn to trusted professionals.

We try to save you time and money

while helping to decrease the anxiety associated with a traffic ticket.

We go to court on your behalf.  This is possible for most, but not all traffic offenses.

You live your life and do the things that you need to do.  

We will try to keep your driving record clean and not involve your insurance company.  

This may not always be possible, but we understand the stresses traffic tickets can cause and we do our best to minimize them.

You take care of you,

let us take care of your tickets

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Traffic violations can be a real inconvenience and hassle
Unfortunately many of us will get them and be forced to deal with
Traffic court can be confusing and frustrating

We go everyday
We know how the system works
We know the prosecutors
We know the judges
We know what’s a fair deal and what’s not

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