Family Law

Nothing is more important than familyfamily-law

But sometimes a breakdown in family relationships can require outside help.

Navigating the family court system can be extremely difficult.

At Brocato & Byrne, LLP we know the process, the risks and the law

We will represent your matter with compassion and trust:

  • Child custody and/or visitation
  • Child support  
  • Allegations of child abuse and neglect

 We will protect your rights and interests
Under no circumstances will we let anyone take advantage of you

We help families reach resolutions to very emotional charged circumstances.

We have the compassion and understanding necessary to achieving successful outcomes.

We also have the experience, family law is the second largest part of our practice by only a small margin.

We work within the family court system daily and have represented many good people tying to resolve very personal matters.

If you have a Family law concern we know that we can help you



Our many years of experience guiding families through the family court system has afforded us the right to say that we are experts.

We understand the gravity of family law issues and are confident when we say that:

“We know what you are going through,
You can put your trust in us, 
We know how to help”

Child Custody

Very few family law cases are as personal or potentially damaging as a child custody case.

Child custody is often the most difficult issue of any family law proceeding.

The outcome could possibly impact your relationship with your children for the rest of your life

 At Brocato & Byrne, LLP we are sensitive to the needs of parents and children
We work hard to achieve results that are best for our clients.

The best type of custody attorney is the one that puts your child’s needs first, and that’s exactly what we strive to do at Brocato & Byrne, LLP.  We protect children from being drawn into the conflict that unfortunately sometimes accompanies child custody cases.  We understand that safeguarding the future of your children and your relationships with them is what matters most to you.

Even though both parents want what is best for their child, it can still be difficult to seeing eye to eye regarding this all-important decision.  There are several different types of custody which you can choose from, you need to be aware of all your options before coming to a decision.   Physical custody refers to where the child lives and legal custody refers to the parent’s right and responsibility to make decisions regarding the upbringing of their child.   Both types of custody can either be shared or solely belonging to one of the parents, depending on the parenting agreement that they come to.

At Brocato & Byrne, LLP we will actively engage in settlement negotiations or vigorously litigate child custody matters.  We are experienced family law attorneys who will guide you through the process in a reassuring and informative manner.  Each of the clients at our family law practice is apprised of their rights and responsibilities and the applicable legal procedures so they can understand what options are available to them and their children.

Child Support

Any lawyer who does work in the family courts will tell you that some of the most contentious proceedings involve child support. 

To a large extent, these battles can be more involved than either child support and visitation.

At Brocato & Byrne, LLP we are regularly asked:

  • “How can I get more (increase) child support?”
  • “How can I lower (decrease) my child support payments?”
  • “Can I get a reduction in arrears through the court?”

If you have custody of your child/children than the State of New York says that you are entitled to receive child support.

If you’re a non-custodial parent you have rights that are protected by laws set forth and determined by the State of New York.  

Whichever your circumstances may be, we make sure that your rights are protected.

Child Abuse and Neglect

Few things are more hurtful and potentially damaging to a parent than allegations of child abuse and neglect.  Allegations of this nature may in fact be completely fabricated in an attempt to gain favor with the court.  Such accusations have the potential to tear a family apart.  These are very serious matters and can have very damaging long term effects.  

When an individual is accused of any type of abuse and neglect, significant damage will likely be done to the accused relationship with his or her child.

Such accusations can also result in severe legal consequences;  For example, a Family Court Judge may be reluctant to grant custody or even unsupervised visitation for any parent who has been implicated in an abuse case.

Brocato & Byrne, LLP will vigorously fight to clear you of any false charges and clear your name. 

Child abuse charges may lead to the filing of criminal charges against the offender, including endangering the welfare of a child or possibly even assault.

Should this happen, you may need a criminal attorney.

We are here to give guidance and assist you in resolving your distressing Family Law matter.

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