Drug Charges

Did You Know That,

A Conviction On Even A Minor Drug Charge Can Have

Serious And Long Term Consequences On Your Life?

It can prevent you from;

  • Getting a Job
  • Going to College
  • Finding an Apartment

At Brocato & Byrne, LLP we have a long history of defending individuals charged with; 

Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance and Criminal Sale of a Controlled Substance.  

We have successfully helped clients reduce or eliminate criminal charges against them.
We know how to help individuals who are accused of committing crimes because of substance abuse problem.
We are knowledgeable on all the substance abuse treatment programs available within the criminal justice system.

Whether you’re charged with a first time marijuana possession or you’re accused of being the biggest traffic’er on the eastern seaboard, we’re the law firm for you.

Drug Charges are NO JOKE in New York State

So, before you waste any time

There is something that you should know about us,

We Love a Good Fight and

If You’re Looking To “Get This Over With” And

Take A Plea Then We’re Not The Lawyers For You.

We love to help people get their lives back on track but are fed up hearing story after story of attorneys who keep their clients in the dark and are only interested in having them enter a guilty plea so that they can move on to the next client.

So, we decided to build a law firm that is dedicated to representing clients the right way.

We don’t accept what the prosecution tells us as fact, we investigate and challenge the validity of all evidence.  And when necessary we’re not afraid to say “prove it” and go to trial. 

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It doesn’t matter the type of charges you are facing,

If you caught a drug charge you need an aggressive defense.

You need an experienced attorney who has the toughness to stand up to to the prosecution.

We know the approach and tactics the prosecutions is going to use against you,

We Know how the prosecution thinks.

How do we know?

Because we were one of them.

As Former Assistant District Attorneys we are experts at defending drug charges

We represent clients at all levels of drug offenses, including trial.

Once retained we begin working on your defense immediately.

  • We demand that the prosecution turn over all case records and files to our office.
  • We initiate our own private and independent investigation to uncover weaknesses in the prosecution’s case.
  • We conduct interviews or all and any; witnesses, victims or expert consultants.

No stone is left unturned fighting to protect our clients rights





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